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Whats Happening at US Makery.

We have been super busy. In December we bought the name and setup hosting. In January we setup a google business page. Setup a facebook page ( Setup a google voice account and phone number and began building the WordPress site. In February we erased the WordPress site and rebuilt it due to a technical issue setup payment options and added test products to test the sales and make sure everything was working and secure. And now we a ready to begin posting products for sale.

In addition to my work as Website Manager, SEO and Social Media Manager for US Makery I am also a contributing artist. So in that capacity as Burris Original Pottery I had my first kiln firing on 2021 on Feb 14. And am anxiously awaiting the kiln opening. (Pictures to follow) So you can now reach us at all the following locations.

Facebook –

MeWe –

by phone or text at phone number

or by email at

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Feb 14, 2021 Hello from US Makery’s Burris Originals.

Hello From US Makery artist/crafter Ted Burris (Burris Originals)

The Valentines Day kiln run was a 100% success. See pics below.

Following my laid-out plan It was about a 20-hour burn to hit 1950’F for a Cone 04 bisque firing and then about 24 hours cooling time before the kiln got down below 100’F so I could open it. But I am very happy with the results. And it’s been decided the next firing will finally be a glaze firing. Every time I have thought about a glaze firing It was like “but there’s one more thing I want to make first.” Well, my kiln will be overflowing now so it’s time to just do it. And start making stuff for the next one…LOL