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Feb 14, 2021 Hello from US Makery’s Burris Originals.

Hello From US Makery artist/crafter Ted Burris (Burris Originals)

The Valentines Day kiln run was a 100% success. See pics below.

Following my laid-out plan It was about a 20-hour burn to hit 1950’F for a Cone 04 bisque firing and then about 24 hours cooling time before the kiln got down below 100’F so I could open it. But I am very happy with the results. And it’s been decided the next firing will finally be a glaze firing. Every time I have thought about a glaze firing It was like “but there’s one more thing I want to make first.” Well, my kiln will be overflowing now so it’s time to just do it. And start making stuff for the next one…LOL